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About us

The Swedish COVID Association is a non-profit association representing people affected by COVID-19 and long COVID, and their relatives. We are working to promote research and knowledge about all of the medical and social consequences of SARS-CoV-2, and for adequate care for patients.

Our aims

The state of knowledge about long COVID is still limited, and the knowledge that exists is not adequately disseminated within healthcare. Many patients struggle to receive the support from healthcare and society that is needed.

We are therefore promoting:

  • The establishment of multidisciplinary long COVID clinics with research contacts in all regions, thus ensuring effective learning and the best possible care.
  • The establishment of a national center of excellence for long COVID, with the mission of monitoring knowledge advances and spreading knowledge of long COVID.
  • That Funding agencies increase research grants, specifically focused on long-term complications from COVID-19.
  • Regulatory changes in the medical insurance system.
  • That authorities estimate how many people are suffering from long COVID. This is needed to be aware of the initiatives that are needed and the amount of resources that have to be allocated.
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